Radon Addendum


This Addendum is an attachment to the Residential Inspection Agreement dated May 25, 2024. All of the provisions of the Residential Inspection Agreement apply to the additional services listed in this Addendum.

SCOPE OF THE ADDITIONAL INSPECTION: Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that may be harmful to humans. The amount of radon in the air is measured in picocuries of radon gas per liter of air, or “pCi/L.” While any radon exposure creates some health risks, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers a level of 4 pCi/L or higher dangerous and recommends remedial measures to reduce or eliminate radon if it exceeds that level.

The Inspector, or its subcontractor, will perform a radon measurement test and provide the Client with a report of the test results. This will require a minimum of 48 hours but may take longer. The radon testing will be performed in accordance with current industry standards in the area in which the Inspection Property is located. The report is not intended to comply with any legal obligations by any property owner to disclose the existence of radon.

The Client understands that the Inspector’s control of the test conditions is limited to the actual placement of the test device. Any tampering with or manipulation of the testing conditions prior to or during the testing period are out of the Inspector’s control and may adversely affect the accuracy of the test.

Changes in heating and ventilation may raise or lower radon levels. Inclement weather, such as storms or high winds, can also contribute to unreliable test results. Since radon levels can vary greatly from season to season and from room to room, this screening measurement only serves to indicate the potential for a radon problem. Changing soil conditions can also affect results from year to year. The test results are only an average of radon concentrations in the area tested during the period in which the measurement device was exposed. The EPA suggests regular follow-up measurements.

The Inspector is not responsible for correcting or mitigating radon issues. As a courtesy, the Inspector may offer comments related to radon mitigation, but these will not obligate the Inspector to create or implement a mitigation plan.

CLIENT’S OBLIGATIONS: If the Client is the property owner, the Client must comply with the Inspector’s instructions. If the Client is not the property owner, the Client must arrange for access to the Property and obtain compliance by the property owner or occupants with the Inspector’s instructions.

As specified by the EPA, the following conditions must be met prior to and during the testing period to help ensure an accurate reading: 1) All windows and doors must be closed 12 hours before the start and during the entire testing period. Normal entry and exit through exterior doors is acceptable. 2) Internal-external air exchange systems (e.g., whole-house fans, window fans, window air conditioners with the outside damper open, etc.) must not be used 12 hours before and during the entire period of the test. 3) Radon testing devices must not be moved or tampered with in any way during the testing period. 4) Normal operation of heating and air conditioning systems, as well as fireplaces or woodburning stoves used for heating purposes, is permissible, although fireplaces and/or wood burners can only be used if no other heat source is available.

FEE: The fee for the services under this Addendum is $180.00. This is in addition to our fee for the home inspection. The fee is due whether or not the occupants comply with testing conditions.